Texas Pricing Details

Variable rate customers, your rate is calculated each month to include the following: the wholesale price of day-ahead energy for the applicable node at ERCOT’s electricity market, any electric energy losses, congestion charges, scheduling services, ERCOT-imposed administrative fees, any imbalance charges, ancillary services, hedging costs if applicable, Renewable Portfolio Standards compliance costs, and a retail adder, plus regular recurring pass-through charges from your Transportation Distribution Utility.

Variable Rate Product Average Prices for Residential Customers

Month Average Price
(Cents per kWh)

*Please note that Glacial Energy provides a variable rate product – rates that fluctuate and change on a periodic basis. All rates above are accurate averages of these variable rates for those months.

Residential vs. Commercial - Average Prices for February 2016 (per kWh)

Residential = cents*
Commercial = cents*
*Per PUC rules, this calculation is based on customers’ Energy Charge plus all TDU charges passed through to customers.
*When the term "Energy Charge" appears on your bill, it means a charge based on the electric energy (kWh) consumed.