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Reliablity of Glacial energy

Reliability & Experience
Glacial Energy specializes in delivering reliable energy, the highest quality service and economical products to business customers. We help businesses both new and established save money on their electricity costs and improve efficiency.


I can't believe it has been one year since we signed up with Glacial Energy. I must say it's the best investment made with your company. Not to mention the quick and professional response whenever I have contacted you for whatever reason. I look forward to another year with Glacial Energy.
Helen V., NJ
As a customer of Glacial Energy, we just wanted to say thank you for offering this excellent product to our company. The savings and peace of mind we have achieved has been a dramatic change from what we were receiving from our prior provider. I have been very satisfied with my savings and have found myself to be pleasantly surprised from the many months when Glacial's rates were almost unbelievable.
Rachael S., TX
Our company has seen a significant reduction in our energy cost since switching to Glacial Energy over a year ago. Equally as important, their customer service and guidance is far superior to other "energy specialists" I have used. Currently, we are utilizing Glacial Energy at all of our twelve properties. I would highly recommend Glacial Energy to anyone that is interested.
Rodger B., NJ
I would like to thank you for your work in assisting us in our efforts to find energy savings for our various facilities. I found you to be friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. I especially appreciate that you did not inappropriately push your product on us; instead you let the product speak for itself. You conveyed a genuine concern for us the consumer and you modeled confidence in the product you offered.
Terri W., TX
My Hotel, Mainstay Suites has been using Glacial Energy Electricity and Natural Gas services since the rate cap expiration in January of 2011. Their exceptional customer service team has been extremely helpful to me and there has never been more than a 2 minute wait time on the phone. Answering all of my questions and walking me through that enrollment process step by step was a huge benefit and I would recommend their services to anyone. We are proud to say the we are customers of Glacial Energy and the savings on our bills every month reflect that. I am always available to take calls from anyone that would like to speak to a satisfied customer.
Krupal D., PA