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Glacial Energy, a Florida natural gas company is a commercial Natural Gas Supplier providing competitive natural gas rates to business natural gas and industrial natural gas customers.

About Deregulation

Deregulation divides the commercial natural gas industry into 3 separate functions:

  • Production of Natural Gas
  • Natural Gas Supplier (Glacial Energy, an alternative gas supplier)
  • Delivery of Natural Gas (Local Utility)

This allows you to choose your Natural Gas Supplier in Florida and switch to a natural gas company that offers commercial customers lower natural gas rates and great customer service.

Service Areas

As a natural gas company, Glacial provides commercial natural gas solutions to commercial and industrial customers of the following Florida natural gas utilities:

  • Florida City Gas
  • People's Gas (TECO)

More Information

  • For information from the Florida Public Service Comission, click here.
  • Click here for outage and emergency hotline information for these natural gas utilities.
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