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Glacial Energy, a California Electric Service Provider and Natural Gas Supplier, was formed in 2005 and is one of the nation’s fastest growing retail energy suppliers consistently providing competitive electricity rates and natural gas rates to commercial, industrial, and institutional customers in many of the deregulated states.

Service Areas

Glacial Energy is a California commercial energy supplier, providing commercial electricity and commercial natural gas solutions to business and industrial customers of the following California electric and California natural gas utilities.


  • Pacific Gas & Electric
  • San Diego Gas & Electric
  • Southern California Edison

Natural Gas

  • Pacific Gas & Electric

How it works

Your electricity service is provided through a three-step process: generation, transmission, and distribution. California’s Senate Bill 695—enacted on October 11, 2009, gives you the ability to choose who supplies the generation portion of the electric service.

The electricity delivery is over the same poles and wires and is not subject to choice. Therefore, all you have now is the opportunity to compare prices, enjoy greater savings and choose a service that best fits your needs and preferences.

Natural Gas
Deregulation divides the natural gas industry into 3 separate functions:

  • Production of Natural Gas
  • Natural Gas Supplier (Glacial Energy, an alternative gas supplier)
  • Delivery of Natural Gas (Local Utility)

This allows you to choose your Natural Gas Supplier in California, which helps create better prices and customer service for the commercial customer.

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