Thursday, April 10, 2014

To Our Valued Customers,

Today, Glacial Energy continues its commitment to our 50,000 plus commercial, industrial and residential customers, like you, by filing a voluntary petition for relief under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware. Our commitment to you has never been stronger. We have filed this petition to facilitate the restructuring of Glacial Energy’s assets and operations so that we can provide better service to our Customers.

Glacial Energy is, as of today, under new management, heading in an extremely positive direction, and is doing so with one unwavering focus: your satisfaction! The positive attributes of the old Glacial Energy will not only continue, they will be amplified through product development and pricing initiatives carried out by our dedicated staff.

We all face challenges in our daily lives as we run our businesses, both large and small, with the understanding that adaptation is the key to not only surviving in this ever-competitive landscape, but thriving in it. Glacial Energy’s decision to restructure its assets and operations will allow us to better support and serve our valued customers.

Why this is great for you, our valued customer:

  1. There will be absolutely no disruption in service.
  2. Your contract will be honored and may even improve!
    • If your contract has a fixed price component, that fixed price rate will continue for the entirety of the contract.
    • If your contract has a market-based component, please know that our commodity management processes have already improved.
  3. We expect pricing and renewal offers to become more competitive.
  4. We expect your Customer Service and Operational experience to improve.

Our experienced staff of dedicated sales, operational, financial and service professionals are committed to you, this process and to answering any question you may have. Please see link below or click here for answers to a few anticipated customer questions.

On behalf of all Glacial Energy employees and partners, we sincerely thank you for your loyalty and support through this period of restructuring. Please email with any comments or questions and we will respond promptly.

Warmest Reqards and Many Thanks,

Randy Lennan
Chief Executive Officer

Bretton D. DeNomme
President of Sales

Have questions? Check our FAQs for commonly asked questions and answers.
Press Release: Glacial Energy Seeks Restructuring of Operations and Strategic Sale through Chapter 11